The Upper Keys,

Our Community in Paradise.

The Upper Keys is a close-knit community that is bound together in a love of living in paradise on Earth, the Florida Keys, and coming together for good causes within their tropical heaven.

The Upper Keys Florida community economy is sustained in part by tourism, but those who reside her permanently know that the Upper Keys is not just a paradise because of the weather. Paradise is defined as an ideal place, and the Upper Keys truly is a paradise because of the people and their desire to support one another as one big, caring extended family.

The friendly community of the Upper Keys is called home to many different kinds of people, and some of the residents need help from time to time. And that is where the Upper Keys Foundation comes into play. Many established reputable nonprofit agencies partner with the Foundation to receive volunteerism hours from Coral Shores High School student athletes for absolutely no charge. With the serve to play fundraising system, student athletes participate in circular giving at area nonprofits and everybody wins in the community because the students grow and learn, and the nonprofits are sustained by qualified volunteers.

The Upper Keys Foundation exists to help all the students enrolled in the Coral Shores community participate in exceptional athletic programming and give back to their community through meaningful civic engagement.


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Circular Giving. Everybody Wins.